The latest Buyer app update is here!

Following feedback from buyers we have added the ability to search and purchase BCA Buy Now stock directly through the app. 

All you need is access to buy online with BCA and then you can purchase vehicles at a fixed price directly through the app. 

Search ‘BCA Buyer’ on both the App and Google stores to download for free.

Your app benefits and features

Vehicle Searching and Tracking Made Easy

Quick vehicle search

Quickly search for vehicles by make, model, auction centre, sale date and/or vendor.

Your tracked vehicles

Easily view all the vehicles you want to bid on in one screen with simple vehicle tracking feature.

Real time notifications

Never miss the vehicles you want to bid on with real time running orders and vehicle notifications.

Detailed Vehicle data

Access detailed vehicle information, including BCA Assured reports, vehicle grades and guide pricing.

Take control of your vehicle searching and buying

All in the palm of your hand

Helping you buy on BCA sale days

With thousands of vehicles on offer at any one time, it can be hard to know exactly when the vehicle(s) you are interested in are going through the auction hall for sale – BCA Buyer app makes this much easier so you never miss an opportunity to bid on the vehicles you need.


The app also works great on your tablet device too, whether on iPad or Android


The new Buyer app from BCA helps to bring efficiencies to our buying process, allowing us focus on other work while we wait for bidding to start, and never miss the vehicles we require.

We have found the app a real asset to our business. Great for car buyers 'on the go' and a must when attending the auction in person. 

Awesome, this new update to the Buyer app will make my buying experience easy. Thank you BCA. 

Coming soon - more new features

This is just the start. We will be taking your feedback and adding more features to help you with your vehicle searching at BCA. When you have had a chance to use the app we look forward to hearing what you think.

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